Chitrangada has no time to get bored despite the confinement

Chitrangada Satarupa who has been in Mumbai for the past seven years and stays in Andheri West has no time to be bored. She feels in the middle of this emergency shutdown It is the best time to introspect and ask yourself what things you really need.

I'm not bored to be honest. There's a lot to do ... housework ... from cleaning to mopping the floor to doing the dishes. I am working regularly. Yoga feels good now. I am doing my gaaner rewaj every day, playing the ukulele and cook different things. I'm also doing live Instagram Sessions with women from different fields, mostly artists, says the talented actor.

Chitrangada could have been in Kolkata now as her flight ticket was for March 30. But then, the idea of social distancing was slowly filtering in and nobody had any idea about a emergency shutdown . She was also shooting for a web series and was supposed to visit Kolkata for an event but it got postponed indefinitely. Since, Mumbai is always proactive Chitrangada was still receiving calls for auditions. But when the emergency shutdown was announced the flight ticket got canceled. Now, she is a bit worried about her mother Satarupa Sanyal who lives alone in Calcutta.