Online conference session by IGRMS on Bhimrao Ambedkar

On the occasion of the 129th anniversary of the birth of Bharataratna Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya organized a popular conference at the museum through the live broadcast of the Facebook and YouTube directed by the Joint Director Administration and security, Dilip Singh, I.T.S. He said: Medical science shows that although germs and viruses come from outside and infect us, the main role is played by safeguards within our own bodies. This safeguard mechanism is called the immune system. If we translate it into politics In the history of India, we see that the immune system of the Indian civilization has always proved to be very weak. This weakness is the result of ancient social and cultural discrimination, which was created in the name of the Varna system. These discriminatory practices have weakened India in the ancient past. This was seen as the most critical problem by Dr. BR Ambedkar when he was drafting the Indian constitution. Dr. Ambedkar thoughts need to be deeply revisited. In his own words, Dr. Ambedkar reminds us of the need for social democracy, he was very concerned about the success of political democracy in the absence of social democracy in India. For him, social democracy is the internal safe gourd or the immune system of India."