Dev reveals how her future films will be different from previous ones

Lately we've seen Dev experimenting with the content. For example, his latest movies like ‘ Sanjhbaati ’, ‘ Password ’,‘ Kabir ’all are content-driven films. So, why have I decided to go off the beaten track of commercial cinema and in the next five years where will we see the Tollywood hunk? Dev’s gives a prompt reply explaining what went behind.

“When I see the films that are happening in Bollywood and other regional languages, I feel jealous. They come up with such good content. We have done so many south remakes that we have studied their work closely. In the last few years, they have churned out enviable subjects, ideas and concepts. I don't think we are bothered much about our subjects. We are also not bothered to look at what other regional industries are coming up with, ”regrets Dev.

He added: “We are largely doing the same thing again and again. This is what I think and I am definitely not blaming anyone here. Eta theke berote hobe. Not just by saying, ‘Ami aar remake korbona’. We have to come up with interesting content that are on a par with the films happening elsewhere. We have to tell today’s stories. That’s why we came up with Password . What happens at the box office is a different story. If you look at the records, I have had huge box-office successes with many of my films. But now I want to give something to the industry. I will continue to do what I am doing. This is the future. There was a time when we used to have stalwarts like Satyajit Ray , Tapan Sinha and others. There was a time when Bengali movies used to be remade. So if we want to get that era back, we have to take a little risk, that's what Tolly's superstar plans to focus on his future projects.