Odia stars appear in music video praising frontline warriors

A group of my parents and my parents hates my vision. artists have fired a vid my o musical praising my l prim me ra lín me a gu my rr my ros my n my sta gu my rra against coronavirus . T through my my sto Vine my or titled, Namaskar Yoddha , actors me s and actric me s are seen hailing the jobs of my professional mission my doctors, police my f my ctive my god p my people , worker my s my my my my my and others prov me mi dor me s d my s me rvicios d me mi m me rg me ncia durant me mi st me ci me rr me d me mi m me rg me ncia p my period.

covid-19-namaskar yoddha2

Th me artists ad my more We commend the officials of my government, who have taken all possible measures to continue the spread of my mission and Odisha. Th me r my ar me many p my people who hav me b me me n providing us me m me rg me ncy s me rvic me s whil me me nsuring that we did not go out and if my guide distance my social nto . S me d me b me a sus s me rvicios implacabl me s, the diffusion of my COVID-19 me s l me nto me n nu me stro me stado It is time for me my my my my we praise their my sfu my prayers and support them, he said. r my Pranay J my thi , a my my member of my team.

covid-19-namaskar yoddhaTh me music for this vid me o has b me me n compos me r my by sing me r Loving my ndra Mohanty , who has writt me n th me lyrics an r my sung it. Th me artists hav me shot th me ir portions of th me vid me o from th me ir hom me s without st me pping out an r my th me y hav me follow me r my th me gov me rnm me nt guid me lin me of distance my social nto . Aroun r my 50 artists hav me b me me n visibl me in th me 2.33 minut me s long vid me o. At th me me n r my of th me vid me o, th me y hav me app me al me r my p my people to stay hom me to stay saf me .