I recommend: ‘If you are a fan of Punjabi cinema, look at 'Amaanat', 'Sajjan Singh Rangroot', 'Qissa Punjab', 'says Dheeraj Kumar

Some say the glass is half full, others say the glass is half empty and the Pollywood actor Dheeraj Kumar falls into the first category. Even in this situation of pandemic and confinement, the actor is very positive. He says that this is the moment that one should use for the best. Also, in an exclusive ‘ I recommend with ETimes ’Video, actor Dheeraj Kumar recommends his fans to watch his Punjabi movies‘ Amaanat ’,‘ Sajjan Singh Rangroot ’and more in order to fill their newly freed calendar.

“Then, the blockade continues and the first thing that you must take into account is not to become negative, to be positive; Since we have thought for years that we need a break from work, we want to spend time with our family. So this is the right time, we have a break from work and we are with our families. So that everyone can spend time with their elders and ask them about stories from the past, ”says the actor.

Also, in the middle of the running of the bulls, he recommends a couple of his Punjabi films. The actor says: If you are a fan of Punjabi cinema then watch Amaanat, Sajjan Singh Rangroot, Rocky Mental and Qissa Punjab, they are just amazing movies.

At last, Dheeraj Kumar concludes on a thoughtful note, where he says “I am going to tell you the most amazing thing about the lockdown, amid this time trying to get rid of that one bad habit that you wanted to quiet for so long. Stay positive, and everything will be back to normal soon. God bless you, jai hind. ”