#LockdownCreativity: Santoor master Tarun Bhattacharya composing his second raga

The artists are finding their own little ways to stay involved during the shutdown. When most people are fighting emergency shutdown Sadness, depression and concerned about the impact on the economy and job security, creatives are learning to make peace with the times through their art. Acclaimed maestro santoor Tarun Bhattacharya who has is the winner of the Sangeet Natak Academy Award 2019 said he is using the period of isolation in the most creative way possible. “I have my santoor ashram in the United States and take online sessions from my studio in Kolkata. Classes are in full swing. In addition to my students across India taking online video classes, I have never spent so much quality time interacting on social media and giving my opinion on the matter. I am also watching more television news to be updated, he said.

When asked how he is coping in these uncertain times and dealing with stress, he said, “I am helping my wife with the housework. Cooking is also taking a long time since our domestic help has been given paid leave. Also, I still see performances and musical performances by Indian music legends in Youtube . The best part is that I was able to create Ganga raga, based on Swachch Ganga two years ago, and I'm also composing my second raga. Spending quality time with my family and members of my extended family was almost impossible before. So this time of isolation at home is like a blessing in such sad times, ”he shared.

He also advised people to adhere to the directives of the Indian government to stay home.