Gujarati musicians play the correct notes to spread the joy against #coronavirus

For a long time, musicians around the world have used music to spread awareness. With its power to connect across all generations and make an impact, music has the power to heal and brighten listeners. And at one point, when the world is dealing with a global pandemic, Gujarati musicians are using this ancient tool to raise awareness and spread joy with their musical creations.

Artists like Devang Patel , Arvind Vegda , Sairam Dave, Geeta Rabari, Aditya Gadhavi have released songs that spread awareness of the prevailing situation or show gratitude towards the front-line heroes fighting this pandemic. Meanwhile, others have been tuning in live to cheer on their listeners.

Being an integral part of society and enjoying a large fan base, these musicians feel a sense of responsibility towards their audience and creating such songs is a way of giving back to the people who bathe them with such love and appreciation.

'Music is one of the most effective ways to spread awareness'

When Devang Patel recently released a song on the lockdown, his phone was buzzing with notifications within 24 hours with his fans from across the world sending him messages of appreciation. Such is the power of music, reiterates Devang adding, If you simply say something, it will not have the same impact as a song with a message would. And if you can manage to bring an element of humor with a catchy tune, it will surely reach out to people. And if a song has a music video, it finds even more eyeballs. Singer Aditya Gadhavi, who recently released a song on Mahila Police in Gujarat He says: Our frontline heroes are fighting this pandemic for our safety. The least we can do is appreciate their work. And a song dedicated to them is what I thought would be perfect since India has had a musical tradition where musicians have written songs about the value of our fighters, I praised them through music and we celebrate their bravery. I just continue that tradition.

From encouraging to spread positivity, music does it all

For the first time in his musical career, Jigardan Gadhavi He released a mashup of his favorite songs just so that his fans had something to look forward to in these moments of anguish. Others like Meet Jain, Parth Oza , Aditya Gadhavi etc have also been going live to interact with fans and bringing more smiles through their songs. Says Parth Oza, Music can heal, it can relieve stress and it can uplift your mood. Through music, I have been bringing that cheer for my fans online. Even for Meet Jain, the idea is to keep his fans engaged and entertained to keep up the spirits. I take requests for songs, play something of my own and interact with my fans. This way they don't feel bored or stressed. Music can make a huge difference to your mood, says Meet.