I wonder why people still hold a grudge against me: Arya on her journey Bigg Boss Malayalam 2

Badai Bungalow Host Aria, who surely knows how to charm fans on the small screen, had a rollercoaster ride on the reality show. big boss malayalam 2 . Although controversies are not new to her, Aria is apparently upset with the cyber bullying that she is facing post the show. In an exclusive chat with ETimes TV, Aria opened up on her BB journey, the online abuses and many more. Excerpts ...

How are you fighting against online abuse after leaving the program?

The intimidation and abuse actually started when I was inside the house. My family and friends received offensive messages from many false identifications online. I was expecting some hateful reactions from viewers, but in fact, this was a surprise to me. My social media accounts are full of offensive messages that even mention my 8 year old daughter. What did we do for such hatred? It was just a game show and it's over. We contestants have no rancor between us. Yes, I agree, the contestants had a difference of opinion inside the house, but we resolved it at that time. For us, it was just a show. Now, I realize that 'vere level kalikal (next level games)', which was the motto of the show, took place outside the house. Now when the contestants catch up and talk about coming together for various things, a group of fans still say that I'm a fake.

Initially, I decided not to react to comments, but at one point, he's crossed all the lines. Even when I share COVID-19 awareness posts, many comment that I am trying to act like a good human being. Anyway, I'm done keeping quiet, I've filed a complaint with the Cyber ​​Crime Harassment Cell, and the investigation is continuing.

A group of Internet users criticized you alleging that you were fake inside the house. Was there a strategy behind your game?

What you saw inside the big boss house was the real Aria. I am a very emotional person who doesn't know to control my emotional outbursts. People might have expected the cheerful Badai Bungalow Aria inside the house, but they should understand that it was just an on-screen character I played. But, the real Aria is not like that. I haven't tried any strategies to grab screen time. All my emotional outbreaks were real - be it tears or anger and everything was my reaction to some events that took place inside the house.

Your reaction to your nickname 'Aria vembala' (Aria King Cobra) on social media?

I wholeheartedly accept the name. They are all afraid of a snake and call me the king of snakes. I think it came out of fear and respect. Antha Bayam Irukkattum (May that fear always be there) (laughs).

How memorable was the show for you?

100%. The show was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I was a huge fan of big boss Hindi. I was a regular viewer too. I never expected that it would come in Malayalam, as I very well knew that Kerala audiences would not take it in the right spirit. Anyway, my gut feeling has been proven right now! So, when I got the call, I was eager to be a part of it.

You even challenged big boss in the show, any regrets on that?

It was a mistake on my part. The mining task was one of the most difficult of the entire season. After the task, I did not clearly remember if I stopped Sujo by grabbing his leg. I got confused when Sujo confidently told me that it didn't happen. But, I was upset when he later nominated me stating the opposite. However, I made my mistake and apologized to Sujo then. We solved it inside the house and never spoke about it after that. I wonder why people still hold a grudge against me for this.

In addition to the fights and games, the show has also witnessed great friendships. Your thoughts…

As I said before, we have no rancor between us. The relationships I got from the program will always have a special place in my life. Whether it's Fukru, Alina , Reshma , everyone is close to my heart. I call Shaji Chettan ( Pashanam Shaji ) as 'Achayi', I feel like talking to my father every time I talk to him and he takes care of me like his daughter. Even before the show, Veena She is part of my family and she always will be.

Your reaction to the re-telecast of big boss malayalam 2 due to the lockdown?

Frankly, I stopped seeing it after a couple of episodes. For me, the program ended and I don't want to see it again to rate the inmates. I just wanted to know how we were portrayed on the show in the 60-minute episode and I understood it very well.