Blocking Diaries: Marimayam's fame, Sneha Sreekumar, hones her Kathakali skills

Marimayam Actress Sneha Sreekumar he is happy to get back on track. The dancer-turned-actress recently shared a video of her performance Kathakali , the traditional art form of Kerala, after a long time.

Sneha dedicated the video to all the artists struggling during the blocking phase. Without a doubt, the trained dancer has nailed the cat.

Here is the video:

Interestingly, in another social media post, Sneha has shared a throwback picture of her first Kathakali performance. Remembering her Guru and mother, who inspired her to learn the art, Sneha penned a note about pursuing her passion at the age of 5.

Memories ... Even though I started my Kathakali lessons at the age of 5, my Arangettam took place after years. I was upset on this but my Guru and Mother were keen in making me the best, reads her post.

Sneha is seen enjoying her confinement days honing her artistic skills. She was also seen dancing to her husband's song Sreekumar.

Ottam Thullal artist Sneha became a household with her character Mandodari in 'Marimayam'. Recently, Sneha tied the knot with her co-star Sreekumar. The duo is one of the most loved couples on Malayalam TV.