Demi Lovato talks about her equation with Selena Gomez; says we are not her friends

Demi Lovato, who stopped following her old friend Selena Gomez in Instagram After being released from rehab after her drug overdose, she recently revealed that she is not friends with her now.

While Selena wrote a beautiful note for Demi after her Grammy performance last year, but the latter's confession has left everyone shocked. Demi said she loves Selena but they are no longer friends. Sorry, not sorry also added that she will love her too and always wishes the best for Selena.

Meanwhile, the only person in the industry that Demi seems to have a good bond with is Miley Cyrus . Ambos recientemente incluso se lanzaron in vivo desde sus respectivas redes sociales e incluso hablaron sobre cómo vencieron su diferencia.

Not only that, but Demi also seems to be sharing strong camaraderie with Justin Bieber He recently tagged the latter for the #DoYourPartChallenge that would help people affected by the coronavirus outbreak.