Avina Shah hits the music charts with her Punjabi number Husan Di Rani

They say the blockade has put a pause on everything, but it seems that the Punjabi music industry is quite intact because of the side effects. While, on the one hand, various popular Punjabi music artists such as Jassie Gill, Honey Singh and more are releasing their songs, on the other hand, a number of new faces are also making their way in the field; and the last to join the cart is Avina Shah .

Avina Shah is a London based singer who has hit the music charts with her debut Punjabi track ‘ Husan Di Rani ’. Backed up with upbeat music and fun lyrics, the song is a stylish number that will have you dancing in no time. In addition, the video of the song captures the obsession of young people with social networks and, therefore, millennials.

you can relate to him easily.

Check out ‘Husan Di Rani’ by Avina Shah here:

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Coming to the credits, along with Avina Shah’s vocals, the song has Mo Khan Music and Zain Khan lyrics and composition.