Rahul Raj's New Music Rehearsals Survive Dystopian Times

Composer Rahul raj is set to release a single titled Celestium , for a world trapped in an uncertain situation. The singing music, the first of its indie IndiaSoundz: The Cosmic Series, to be released online before April 16, comes from thoughts of how we survived in a dystopian configure when our normal life process is disorganized, ”says composer Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham.

The lulling, trance-like vocals are by Rahul raj , Mithun Jayaraj and Sreelakshmi, and accompanied by flautist Nikhil Ram. “The single was an attempt to push myself creatively in these difficult times,” says the composer, adding he was inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, the sci-fi film about discovering new planets to inhabit. “This music is my interpretation of a truth seeker’s journey into the core. I released a teaser recently and a lot of people responded enthusiastically to it.”

And the single is a typical production of running of the bulls, created in the current working style. While he had the vocal songs from a previous recording he had made, he arranged, produced, and mixed the song at home, and Pablo Schuller, a classmate at Berklee College of Music, Valencia, mastered it in Spain. “People are making crown-based songs during this time and there seems to be an excess of it; I wanted to create another type of expression, more like helping to create a meditative mood, he says.

Listen to the song when it comes out on April 16 at https://open.spotify.com/track/3w4MogbGQrfOkExs21oogA?si=YR0s7aJNSCCXqeGLH7_