This is how Priyanka Barve celebrated her birthday in quarantine

It seems Priyanka Barve didn I don't have a boring birthday after all! The Marathi playback singer As an actor, she recently celebrated her birthday yesterday with her husband, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law at home. The artist who is popular for playing Anarkali in the Broadway adaptation of Feroz Khan Mughal E Azam He expressed his thanks on Instagram for all the wishes and love he received on his birthday. The artist who turned 30 on April 10, indulged in a homemade chocolate cake and celebrated the singing for her fans at Facebook Live.

Sharing a beautiful photo of her with the cake, Priyanka turned to social media to tell her fans how she celebrated her special day. I was celebrating my birthday in quarantine. The husband and sister-in-law made a delicious cake full of chocolate and love. Mother in law made her house dish, Chole and Parathas Priyanka wrote in her post.


She continued: Went live from my Facebook page and shared my special day with all of you by singing my heart out. (Thank you for such an amazing response btw). Missed getting gifts, going out and meeting my aai baba, sister&friends. But hey, I'm not complaining. This birthday has surely taught me to be grateful and will be remembered forever! PS: Thank you for the lovely wishes. Trust me, they made my day. And it's a late birthday post. My birthday was two days ago .”