Rangoli Chandel looks like Kangana Ranaut's twin sister in 10 year old wedding photos

Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Spider He pulled out some memories from his wedding album as he is about to celebrate 10 years of his wedding. He had planned to move into his new home, which was being designed by Kangana, but all plans were abandoned due to the COVID-19 health scare. This year, on May 11, Ajay and I will have our tenth wedding anniversary, we were planning to move to our new house in Kullu, there was only the last coat of paint left and now everything has stopped, it is true that good things take time, shared Rangoli, who seemed adorable as a girlfriend.

In his previous posts, Rangoli had revealed how Kangana has been enthusiastically helping them plan their new home. “Ajay and I are building our house in Kullu, I just asked Kangana for some design suggestions, here he is designing everything from scratch, sometimes he calls me at 2 in the morning, full of ideas and emotions, every day I receive hundreds of reference images for our budget. what she is doing with the house is extraordinary, the best thing about Kangana is her ability to give everything to the people in her life, treat them as if they were an extension of herself, how not to fall in love with her every day, Rangoli had published.