Engineers also join Covid-19 front lines

Engineers move the world in any war, and this is war, too, he says. Pritpal Singh Matharu , who along with two other friends from Engineering designed by the university masks how Personal protection equipment (PPE) for medics on the front lines of Covid-19. With this, Pritpal, Anil Selhi and Rajesh Khanna have become the first independent individuals, rather than a corporate conglomerate, to design safety gear for the medical fraternity. On Monday, the trio rolled out their first set of masks and donated this entire lot of 1000 pieces to PGIMER , Chandigarh. It was through serendipity, while locked up home without machines humming in their workshops, that this trio from Indo Swiss Training Centre, CSIO Chandigarh, made the prototype of the shield. “Due to the ongoing shortage of masks and no proper high-volume production source being available, a turnkey solution had to be provided by someone before the medical fraternity faces more heat,” says Anil. Adds Pritpal, “We are engineers after all and are adept at designing scientific products. There was never a better time to put our knowledge to more humane use, than now.” Once the three friends were coordinated on the idea, Anil’s sons, who are fresh Engineering grads, too pitched in.

Even how the pace of manufacturing PPEs has picked up now with established manufacturers in the process, this group went all the way pro bono to the execution of their project. Not intimidated by the magnitude of the work they have undertaken, they have now devised a full-fledged plan to execute bigger orders. “Though other companies are commercial giants with state-of-the-art facilities, our effort led us to making a useful product, how was endorsed by PGIMER doctors,” says Rajesh.