Mother Dairy makes special arrangements to supply milk and dairy products at critical NCR points

NEW DELHI: Tuesday said it has made special arrangements to supply milk and other dairy products to 61 of the pandemic in the national capital region.

Mother Dairy is a leading provider of milk in Delhi-NCR with daily sales of more than 30 lakh per liter.

Mother Dairy has deployed 15 vehicles for the supply of milk and other products to 61 critical points in Delhi-NCR, the company said in a statement.

This step has been taken by the company in collaboration with the various RWAs and local authorities to ensure that consumers have easy access to their daily essential milk and dairy products, he added.

Through the vehicle distribution agreement, Mother Dairy sells an average of 78,622 liters of milk per day in Delhi, Noida and hot spots areas, the company spokesperson said.

With the increase in coronavirus cases, the government has identified many critical areas in Delhi-NCR. Resident movement is restricted and only limited entry by outsiders is allowed.