Gujarat MLA tests coronavirus positive, had also met CM

GANDHINAGAR: A Gujarat congressional legislator, part of the coronavirus access point in Ahmedabad, tested positive for the dreaded virus on Tuesday.

Significantly, the MLA had met with the prime minister on Tuesday afternoon regarding the outbreak.

As more and more positive cases emerge from Ahmedabad's critical or cluster areas in the fortified area, surveillance and testing in these areas has intensified. The state government even imposed a week-long curfew on the area on Tuesday.

There are six areas of the fortified city that are located under the access point: Jamalpur-Khadia, Gaikwad Haveli and Dariyapur. Danilii, an area outside the fortified city, is also under curfew.

Due to the intensity of the increasingly positive cases emerging in these areas, local lawmakers are doing their best to convince people to cooperate with health authorities for surveillance and testing.

The MLA Congress was also in contact with people in their constituency, trying to convince them to cooperate.

As a result of surveillance and testing, Covid-19 was found to be positive Tuesday according to sources. After detection, he was rushed to the SVP hospital and admitted there.

In addition to Rupani, he had also met with the Minister of State for the home, Pradeepsinh Jadeja. According to the sources, the meetings took place while maintaining social distance. He had also interacted with the media thereafter.