Car dealers to strictly comply with the lockout extension: FADA

NEW DELHI: Car distributor corps FADA On Tuesday, he said that more than 15,000 of its members across the country will strictly comply with the extension of the blockade until May 3.

The federation of Car Dealers Associations (FADA) President Ashish Harsharaj Kale He said in a statement that the entire community of car dealers fully supports the blockade extension.

Health and security of our citizens is paramount and being a responsible and law abiding association, FADA will strictly follow the lockdown as it has been doing till now, I added.

Car dealers expect the country to come out of the shutdown on May 3 for business to resume, Kale said.

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Service assistance to all essential vehicle goods and services continues by all dealers throughout the day, as happened during the prior closing period, he added.

FADA is hopeful that in the near future the government will surely announce a financial package for support to the business community during and post lockdown period and we have full faith and trust that the dealer community's list of request will be considered, Kale noted.

On Monday, FADA had written to the PM Modi seeing immediate financial support to save their businesses amid the national blockade due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 21-day national blockade, which would end on April 14, has now been extended until May 3 to effectively combat the spread of Covid-19.