Anubhav Sinha reacts to migrant workers who gather outside Bandra station: talk to them, please don't take over

In the morning today PM Narendra Modi announced the extension of the lock, which has been applied due to COVID-19 . However, soon after, large numbers of migrant workers gathered outside the Bandra station demanding that transport arrangements be made for them to return to their places of origin. Reacting to the situation, Bollywood filmmaker Anubhav Sinha He shared a series of tweets, urging the police to speak to them and not Lati. The director of Article 15 tried to explain the plight of the workers.

Mallika Sherawat He also reacted to the same thing and shared on Instagram: This is what is happening in Bandra mumbai right now. Are these poor people really to blame?

According to a PTI report, authorities and NGOs have made arrangements for feeding migrant workers, but most of them want to return to their places of origin.