United States approves sale of $ 155 million missiles and torpedoes to India for underwater fighter jets

NEW DELHI: The United States approved the sale of another batch of $ 155 million Harpoon Block-II missiles and MK-54 light torpedoes to arm the dozen India-acquired Poseidon-8I long-range maritime patrols, including when New Delhi The deal to buy six more of these war and underwater fighter jets is being finalized.

On Monday, it notified the United States Congress of its decision to sell 10 AGM-84L Harpoon air-launched missiles worth $ 92 million and 19 MK-54 light torpedoes worth $ 63 million, along with associated equipment, India .

The Pentagon said India will integrate missiles and torpedoes into the P-8I aircraft to carry out missions in defense of critical shipping lanes, while improving interoperability with the US. USA And other allied forces. India will use the enhanced capacity to deter regional threats and to strengthen its defense of the homeland, he added.

As previously reported by TOI, USA. USA It has already packaged lucrative Indian defense deals worth more than $ 21 billion since 2007 alone, with the most recent for 24 MH-60 'Romeo' MFPs and six more Apache attack helicopters for $ 3 billion inked. during Donald Trump's visit here in February.

Another contract that was signed during Trump's visit was $ 190 million for two self-defense suites (SPS), or advanced anti-missile defense equipment, to be upgraded on the two custom-built Boeing-777 aircraft previously purchased for travel. long distance. of the Indian President and Prime Minister.

As for the P-8I aircraft made by Boeing, which are full of sensors and armed with Harpoon missiles, light torpedoes, rockets, and depth charges to detect and destroy enemy submarines, the Navy had recruited the first eight under an agreement. of $ 2.1 billion inked in January 2009.

The next four P-8Is are slated for delivery in 2021-2022 under another $ 1.1 billion contract signed in July 2016. Then, in November last year, the Defense Procurement Council led by Rajnath Singh had also approved the proposal to buy another six P-8I aircraft for $ 1.8 billion.