Coronavirus cases reach 10,815 in India: Government

NEW DELHI: With the notification of 284 new cases, the count in the country reached 10,815, according to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare data, here on Tuesday.

In a nightly update at 5 p.m., the Ministry said 9,272 cases were active, 1,189 people recovered, 353 lost their lives, and one person migrated to another country. The Ministry had reported 8,988 active cases at 8 a.m.

The count also includes 76 foreign citizens.

While 2,337 cases have been reported in Maharashtra, 1,510 in Delhi, 1,173 in Tamil Nadu, 879 in Rajasthan, 730 in Madhya Pradesh, 624 in Telangana, 617 in Gujarat, 657 in UP, 473 in Andhra Pradesh and 379 in Kerala.

The J&kunionterritoryhasreported270cases,karnataka(258),punjab(176),haryana(199),westbengal(190),uttarakhand(35),odisha(55),ladakh(15),jharkhand(24),himachalpradesh(32),goa(7),puducherry(7),chhattisgarh(31),chandigarh(21),bihar(66)andtheandamanandnicobarislands(11).