# 20YearsOfAlaipayuthey: Maddy says Mani Ratnam never let him be just an actor on the set of the movie

It's 20 years of Alaipayuthey today and a special guest on Suhasini Maniratnam's Instagram live today was Madhavan . The actor had joined Suhasini and Mani Ratnam for a short conversation and I asked a lot of questions to the director. While there were several interesting aspects to the conversation, what caught our attention was when Suhasini scoffed at Maddy that Mani Ratnam was doing absolutely fine, making movies, until he introduced him to golf.

Mani Ratnam quipped, “Yes, I came to the set of Aayitha Ezhuthu with a golf kit, and I asked him why he was playing old man’s game.” Maddy added, “Yes, and I was like, neenga velayudnga pakkalam, and he beat the crap out of me!”

The actor further said, “I remember, during Alaipayuthey, you never let me be just an actor. You wanted me to understand every aspect of cinema. So, I was the AD, I managed the crowd…. I used to wonder why I was doing all that, but now I know, there couldn't have been a better training ground to understand cinema than your set. ”

He then asked Mani Ratnam if he made other actors do it, too, and Suhasini said, “Maddy, that was especially for you,” and added, “Do you remember, I was also your GPS. When you and Sarita would get lost in Madras, I would say ‘turn left’, ‘turn right’. ” To which Maddy said, Not just that, you did that for me in my life, too.

The actor also had a question for his fave director. “Your dialogues become iconic, but they are all single lines. Like in Nayagan, there was, ‘Neenga nallavara, kettavara?’. But in Alaipayuthey, the dialogue ‘Naan unna virumbala….’ Were six-lines long! Being a realistic director, did you cringe at this being a dialogue-ish-line or you thought it went with the flow? ”

Mani Ratnam quipped, You should see Iruvar. And I added, “I had two trains at that time on the platforms and I was only worried about catching both because we had them only for a few hours. So, I wanted to okay it in one shot. ”

Well that really was a revelation to us.