Navy develops an air evacuation capsule for coronavirus patients

KOCHI: The Yard Yard here has developed a smart evacuation sheath for Covid-19 patients safely from remote areas such as islands and ships. The locally designed and manufactured air evacuation device (AEP) will assist the evacuation team to safely transport coronavirus-infected individuals from ships and islands in a fully sealed patient transfer capsule.

There will be no risk of cross infection to pilots and evacuation team using the sheath with no requirement of sanitation of aircraft post evacuation, a Defence said here.

The evacuation sheath was designed under guidance of Principal Medical Officer of the naval air station here, in consultation with specialist from the naval hospital INHS Sanjivani and Head Quarters of Southern Naval Command, the spokesperson said.

It is made of aluminum and perspex.

The highlight of the sheath is that it weighs only 32 kg and has incurred a manufacturing cost of Rs 50,000 which is only 0.1 per cent of cost of an imported equivalent (Rs 59 lakh), the spokesman said.

Patient trials within AEP were carried out aboard the Light Helicopter (ALH) and the Indian Navy Dornier aircraft at the Southern Naval Command and were successfully completed on April 8. Twelve AEPs are planned for distribution to Naval commandos del Sur, Oeste, Este and Andaman y Nicobar, the spokesperson said.

The successful induction of the AEP will greatly enhance the skills of the Indian Navy in its tireless efforts to help prevent Covid-19 across the country, the spokesperson added. >