Social distancing measures, restrictions to implement until May 3: NDMA

NEW DELHI: (NDMA), pursuant to the Prime Minister's announcement of a 19-day extension to the Covid-19 lockdown, issued a formal order on Tuesday directing central and state authorities to continue to follow the measures outlined in the guidelines issued by the Ministry of the Interior. on March 24 and subsequently modified, until May 3.

Claiming that social distancing measures must be implemented for an additional period to contain the spread of Covid-19, NDMA ordered that the guidelines/orders issued by the National Executive Committee (NEC), which is chaired by the Union, continue to apply. . throughout the country until May 3. In addition, it requested NEC to issue modifications to the consolidated MHA guidelines as necessary.

In a follow-up order issued shortly thereafter, the Home Secretary and NEC President ordered that the blockade measures stipulated in the consolidated MHA guidelines issued on March 24 and further amended on 25, 27 and 2, 3 and 10 April continue in force. force until May 3.

The order of the Minister of the Interior was marked to all central ministries and departments, chief state secretaries and administrators of the Union Territory. He declared that all the restrictions that have been imposed in various sectors will continue in force until further orders. Furthermore, such restrictions would have to be strictly enforced by all ministries/departments and by governments and state/UT authorities.

The communication to the states and UT emphasized that according to orders issued by the Ministry of the Interior under the 2005 Law, the states and UT cannot dilute the restrictions imposed through said guidelines.

The Interior Ministry is expected to further modify its guidelines after April 20, based on the classification of areas across the country based on the scope of Covid-19 diffusion and the success of containment efforts. Some relaxation is granted to green areas where the impact of Covid-19 is minimal or its spread was successfully contained.