The center failed to address the Tablighi crisis: Jharkhand Health Minister Banna Gupta

JAMSHEDPUR: The Minister of State criticized the Center on Monday for not managing the crisis, which was blamed for the spread of the Covid-19 virus across the country.

Speaking to TOI on Monday, Gupta said: It is the failure of the Modi government intelligence unit as the Jamaat members had met in Delhi after it was announced.

The MLA in Congress said Interior Ministry officials cannot deny the fact that they had no idea of ​​such a large meeting when the blockade went into effect.

He further claimed that officials had taken the matter very lightly, resulting in many Covid-19 affected people across the country.

Gupta said: Due to the Center's half-hearted attitude in implementing the closure in Delhi, the entire country is suffering.

Gupta added that the Center was not providing sufficient support required to manage the crisis.