This is how people provide their garden

the coronavirus the blockade has highlighted the importance of being self-sufficient. People are now using the open areas around their homes to plant vegetables and herbs. Hansel Vaz de Colva, has planted a variety of vegetables on the terrace of the building. “I removed all the ornamental plants and replaced them with vegetables. He has planted aubergines, pumpkins, lime leaves, spices like turmeric, ginger and herbs, basil, chives and fruits as well, melons, pineapples as well. ”

While Maura Fernandes along with her granddaughter Hailey are planting fingers, spinach, carrots, moong and beets in their garden in Verna. While Carmen Miranda, who loves to plant, has been a fan of gardening, but decided to plant some leafy vegetables. She says it will be ready by almost May or June. Jewela D’Souza, a teacher by profession, says that because she has a lot of free time, she decided to plant some vegetables in Nagao.

Dr. Meenacshi Martins has also used her free time in something that she is very passionate about, gardening. We have a lot of time and taking advantage of it is important.