Right now, the University of Parul campus is the safest place to be: Wilfred Mukawu from Zimbabwe

While many foreign students are trapped at different universities in Gujarat during the shutdown, the students say they are being well served. Wilfred Mukawu from Harare, Zimbabwe, a BA LLB fourth-year student at Vadodara Parul University, shares: “It has been approximately a week since Zimbabwe announced a lockout. If I had wanted to travel to my hometown before India announced the national closure, I might have, but I didn't want to risk traveling internationally, given the global scenario. Whether they are news channels or social networks, there is always debate about the crown crisis. So, psychologically, it is not an easy situation to handle because there is a double fear: the situation here and also the well-being of my family at home. During the first week of confinement, there was a bit of a panic, as the students were concerned about things like money. But right now, things are much better. He also adds that the university has been helpful: “Now we have our classes online and if we have any personal problems to discuss, the teachers have assured us that we can call them. The cafeteria and hostel are open, and they are doing a great job in these difficult times. They are following proper precautions and making sure there is not a big gathering on campus. We are receiving all essential services and at this time, the campus is the safest place to be.