People from Goa nightlife fraternity join COVID-19 relief work in Goa

Volunteers from the Goa nightlife fraternity teamed up with Goa Outreach (an NGO of Rhys de Souza, Rahul Faria and Ishita Godinho, along with Rob Lyson) for the COVID-19 relief work in Goa. Volunteers include the party's host and promoter, Lana de Souza, and the party's curator and DJ Akshit Shetty, who has been working on the ground to support various families during the current COVID-19 crisis in Goa. . Blogger Livi Brewer also joined them.

Akshit says: At this time of COVID-19 crisis, I decided that I could do something for society as a volunteer with Goa OutReach, which together with Goa's humanitarian helpline helps disadvantaged and hungry migrants who are trapped in remote places no food and also a big thank you to the Sensible Earth crew for constantly being on it from day one and to Labor Minister Jenifer Monserrate for doing the best for all migrants trapped in our little state.

The organization is working with thousands of families who have been negatively affected by the virus outbreak in Goa. To ensure that families who have lost their livelihoods due to confinement receive the essentials, volunteers have been delivering ration packages. Lana says: Extending India's closure until May 3 means stranded migrant workers still rely heavily on all of us to survive. We need all the support we can get, so please contribute so that we can help you.

Ishita explains: We started our COVID-19 relief work with families we used to work with regularly. But once we had an idea of ​​the number of people in need, we started buying essential goods in bulk and, with the help of volunteers, we distributed it safely and systematically to migrant workers and the daily bets that need it. We work with other concerned organizations and citizens, as we all have a common goal to ensure that no one goes to sleep hungry.

Similarly, Mackenzie Pereira, DJ, has also been doing volunteer work with a group of citizen volunteers formed to help daily wage earners and stuck immigration work without income or food. Although I try to do social service, due to work I really don't have time. But now with the closure, it allows me to do everything I can. There are so many people who cannot afford a meal. I think this little step we take makes a big difference in many lives, he says.