Expansion of correct movement blocking, adverse impact in the electric vehicle sector in the next 1-2 months: SMEV

NEW DELHI: Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles ( SMEV ) on Tuesday he said extension of the emergency shutdown It is the right move, although there will certainly be an adverse impact on your member's operations over the next 1-2 months.

Describing the situation as a test time for the EV industry , SMEV General Director Sohinder Gill He said it's also time for members to keep cash, look after workers, and take advantage of this time to plan ahead.

"Looking at the current situation in the country, the extension of the emergency shutdown is the right move. Though there will be certainly an adverse impact on the operations for the next 1-2 months, I believe that we will be able to save lives of thousands and emerge as a healthier nation," Gill said in a statement.

He further said,"this is the testing time for the EV industry which is at nascent stage and I appeal to all the stakeholders to conserve cash, take care of our workmen and utilize this time to plan ahead."

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Gill expressed confidence that "the industry will be able to spring back into action to recover the losses due to this shutdown".

Early morning Prime Minister Narendra Modi anounced extension of the ongoing nationwide emergency shutdown till May 3 with an aim to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.