Congress never respected Ambedkar, the Modi government fulfilled its vision: BJP President J. P Nadda

NEW DELHI: The BJP president accused on Tuesday of never hitting B R because of the Dalit icon, but said the government has fulfilled its vision and followed the path it showed. In paying tributes to the architect of the Indian Constitution, on his 129th birthday, Nadda compared BJP's respect for him to the alleged indifference of Congress.

Despite stiff opposition, Ambedkar never compromised on her values ​​and raised issues of social inequality and discrimination, Nadda said, noting that she resigned as law minister while fighting for women's rights.

It is unfortunate that during Babasaheb's life, when Congress was in power, he never gave him the respect due to him. Which is also unfortunate that he was given four decades after his death, Nadda said in a message to BJP workers. He also asked the party to follow its ideals.

Ambedkar, a crusader for Dalit rights and social equality, received the highest civilian award in India in 1990 during the National Front government led by V P Singh, which was supported by the BJP.

Nadda noted that the Modi government has raised five places, including where Ambedkar was born and died, as '' (five pilgrimages), claiming that he was and will remain an ideal for the BJP in its efforts to empower backward sectors of the society.

He called on BJP workers to help the poor at this time of a pandemic, saying this will be the best tribute to Ambedkar.

What Ambedkar had imagined was accomplished by the Modi government which, Nadda added, followed the path he showed to work for the well-being of all sectors of society. >