MS Dhoni can make the opposition captain blink first: Michael Hussey

NEW DELHI: Michael Hussey, a former champion of Australia's reputation, believes that the incredible power and confidence of former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the World Cup winner, make him the greatest of all time in that paper.

Dhoni is the best finalist of all time the world of cricket has produced, Hussey said.

Dhoni can stay calm and make the opposition captain blink first. Dhoni also has incredible power. You know when you need to clear the ropes you can. He has that kind of self-confidence. I honestly didn't. having that kind of belief in myself.

Hussey, 44, said he also learned a trick or two about chasing Dhoni while playing for Chennai Super Kings.

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I tried not to let it get to 12 or 13 laps. And I learned this from Ms dhoni . He is incredible. He believes the one who panics the last time wins the game. So Dhoni would stay calm and keep her longer because the pressure is also on the bowler.

Talking about the traits of great players, Hussey said: "They don't hang on to a defeat for too long. If they lose, they move on quickly. They don't let a loss or a win hamper their thinking. They are always consistent, and level headed whether it's Ms dhoni or Ricky Ponting".

Dhoni led the CSK to three IPL titles in addition to twice winning the defunct T20 Champions League.

When asked what is the reason behind the constant race of three-time CSK champions at the IPL, Hussey said: The caring owners who let coach (Stephen) Fleming and Captain Dhoni decide how to run the team, excellent chemistry between the coach and the captain, Dhoni's leadership.

This has created excellent continuity in the team. And once you have continuity, you build relationships and trust that otherwise it takes time to grow.

However, Hussey believes it will be more challenging for CSK to build a new team once Dhoni hangs up his boots.

I think the owners would like to keep Dhoni involved in one way or another. However, every time the changing of the guard occurs, CSK may want to start over, build a new team, and use its existing philosophy as it enters the next decade of IPL. It will definitely be more challenging in current times, he said.

Dhoni has not played any cricket, international or national, since the 50-year-old World Cup semi-final against New Zealand in July last year.

He was ready to play at the 13th IPL, but now his future is uncertain with the cash-rich tournament being postponed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.