Why did the national blockade extend until May 3?

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi On Tuesday, he announced that the country will run until May 3 to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Addressing the nation, he referred to demands made by various states to extend the one that was scheduled to end Tuesday.

Several states, including Maharashtra and Punjab, had already extended the blockade until April 30.

While the Prime Minister's announcement was widely expected, many people wondered why the government decided to extend the blockade until May 3 instead of April 30.

Sources said the blockade lasted until May 3, as May 1 is a holiday due to Labor Day and May 2 and 3 fall on the weekend. Therefore, on May 4, when the closure is scheduled to end, it will be a Monday.

The blockade that went into effect on March 25 expired at midnight on April 14.

The Prime Minister said some relaxation can be allowed in some areas and that the scope of coronavirus testing will be significantly expanded.

He said that India may have paid a great economic price, but that there can be no alternative to save human lives.

(With contributions from agencies)