Balika Vadhu actress Avika Gor is proud to see herself on screen as Anandi

TV He will return with many of his old shows and he will return to execute those shows that have received much love from the public. One of those shows that came back after a couple of years is Balika Vadhu . This television show is about child marriage and the journey beyond the child. This child's character was named Anandi, who was played by Avika Gor . She made her space in the TV world with the help of this show and remembering about the good old days she came live on Instagram handle and spoke to her fans.

When the replay of the show started on Monday night, Avika was also watching the show and was surprised to see her acting skills. She shared with her fans about how nostalgic she felt to be seen on the television screen. Avika patted her on the back and said: I am so proud of myself. I can see that I understood all my lines in the program and expressed them with such good expressions. I was surprised.

Looking at her younger version, Avika Gor was feeling extreme happiness and along with her, her parents too were watching the re-run of the show.