Akhilesh questions PM's claim about inspection of travelers at airports arriving from aborad

LUCKNOW: head of the SP Akhilesh Yadav on Tuesday he questioned the prime minister Narendra Modi The claim that he had begun examining people who came from abroad long before even a positive crown was found in the country.

In a tweet in Hindi on Tuesday, Akhilesh Yadav said, It was claimed that the screening started at different airports when there was not even a single case in the country.

But the question then is how serious and significant it turned out. If true, then it should be said how the country got its first crown case, said the Samajwadi party president

The country would really benefit, if and only if meaningful work is done, Yadav added.

Announcing the extension of the current blockade for another 19 days, the Prime Minister, in his speech to the nation on Tuesday, had said that the country had begun taking preventive and precautionary measures against the virus long before the detection of a single case .

Long before we had a single Corona case, India had begun screening travelers coming from the crown-affected countries at airports, the prime minister said.

Long before the number of crown patients reached 100, India had made 14-day isolation mandatory for all who came from abroad, he added.