Thanks for keeping the memories alive, says Madhavan about 20 years of 'Alaipayuthey'

Today marks 20 years since the launch of Mani Ratnam iconic tamil romance Alaipayuthey protagonist Madhavan and Shalini . AND Maddy He came to Twitter to mark this occasion by posting a collage of the best moments from the film.

20 years that have flown by since the release of my debut film. # 20 years old . Thank you all for keeping me and the memories alive," he tweeted.

PC Sreeram, the cinematographer of the film too put up a post reminiscing the movie. April 14. Two decades of Alaipayuthey, Fresh in the minds of viewers all around the world, I had tweeted.

The film, which released in 2000, is known for its music and non-linear screenplay. While AR Rahman composed the film's music, Sreekar Prasad helmed the movie's editing.