A police is a son, brother, friend by default: Telangana DGP

It was a regular 100 call received by the Begumpet Police . When the patrol arrived at the place from which the call was made, the police discovered that it was a distress call for an elderly woman who was unable to return home after leaving. She was lost and in no condition to walk home alone. Locals in the area found her wandering and decided to seek help from the police. After investigations, the police discovered that the woman lived in a nearby neighborhood. An agent took her in his arms and carried her home. This act of kindness on the part of the agent was highly appreciated by Internet users who saw the photos online.

The DGP of Telangana Police , also led to Twitter to show your appreciation. He wrote: “Never fear, dear mother, here is your son to take you into his safe hands. A police is who: a son, brother, friend by default. It may be a stranger, where they found him abandoned, but not for the Police, he is known and proper to all. Here's your police, to take care of. (sic)