Vivek Dahiya asked to leave TikTok because it is Made in China, write a long note

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, television actor Vivek Dahiya asked to leave the social media platform Tik Tok . However, the actor responded to the request by writing a long letter against the ban.

The actor and his wife. Divyanka Tripathi he often uses the platform and shares entertaining videos.

Vivek shared on social media: When I was asked to ban/stop using #Tiktok because it is Made in China. This note responds to that and beyond. #Reflections #Perspectives #Tips #Psychology

His note said: So, the question today is whether we should ban an application because it originated in the same part of the world where the virus comes from, that is, China. Interestingly, the virus does not discriminate and infects all of us in the same way regardless of our cast, creed, gender, and race. For those who suggest that we should ban manufacturing in China, remember: The mobile phone they use to voice their thoughts on banning an app was also assembled in the same part of the world, so there are 7 out of 10 products in every home. average. China has the world's manufacturing brand, whether we like it or not. I'm pretty sure that the founder of this app wasn't responsible for conspiring the Coronavirus ...

Read his full note here:

A few days ago, television actor Kratika sengar she decided to abandon Tiktok because she was furious at the community hatred she witnessed on the platform.

However, there are many celebrities who use the platform to entertain the public and fans.