Kalyani Priyadarshan: this Vishu, let's also prioritize mental health and rest

One month ago, Kalyani Priyadarshan She had big plans to celebrate her birthday and celebrate Vishu with Vineeth Sreenivasan's Hridyam team, which also stars her childhood friend. Pranav Mohanlal . Now I stay home because it is all I can do. There are no sadhya plans as of now, says the actress, who is in Chennai with her mother. Lissy Lakshmi

In conversation with him Varane Avashyamund Actress, who talks about her days of confinement, why she takes a break from social networks and her plans once the confinement is lifted.

Has the lock disorganized your schedule or are you enjoying downtime?

To be honest, in the days when I don't have filming, this is more or less what my days are like. The only thing is that I generally never have more than a couple of days off. Obviously, this is the longest break I've ever had.

What is your usual closing day routine?

I try to create a practical schedule (keyword) for myself every day so that I don't get too far off track. I wake up and exercise first thing in the morning. Then I schedule things like an hour of reading or cooking. I recently started scheduling a call with old friends or people I haven't talked to in years! It's been nice because I'm generally lazy leaving the house to do that. I have been doing this exercise where I watch one movie a day. I posted about it when I was active online, but now that I'm not, the post has stopped but I'm still on target. My mother has suddenly put me into meditation now. An hour a day ago, but little by little I have been entering. I am using this application called Calm. It's amazing.

You also celebrated your birthday recently. How different was it?

Yes! A month ago I had big plans. But surprisingly this was a great birthday. My friends connected and we had a virtual party at Zoom and we played two hours of Psych at midnight and later in the day we had another video conference and played four hours of intense mob. It's more or less what I would have done if it hadn't been closed, except that we'd all physically been in the same room. An added bonus is that I got a full birthday cake for myself and didn't have to share it.

Recently, you took a break from social media. What caused that and how is it helping you?

A week or so ago, it all started coming to me. I am not used to reading so much negativity. Even the news I read is usually from sites and pages that promote good and positive news.

I have always felt that personal well-being is affected by constant exposure to bad news. And this time I couldn't handle everything. He was so anxious and worried and he knew there was nothing he could do to help other than stay inside what he was doing. So I decided to stay away from everything for a moment. It really helped. I have no idea what is happening in the world. But right now, no news is good news in my head. It's about mental health and wellness. This affects immunity.

I've also noticed that people are starting to put a lot of pressure to get out of this as a much fitter and more capable person than before because they are seeing everyone on social media doing all kinds of things. It is important to take this time to also relax and focus on mental health. I think it's okay if you don't want to do anything productive during this time because mental health, rest, and sleep are equally important. I feel like people search online and see so many people doing so many things and feeling guilty about themselves if they're not doing a lot. It's fine if you don't get out of this as a masterchef or fitness model or brilliant guitar player. I think it is more important to be well rested and in peace.

Tell us about working at Hridayam .

Filming had not yet started. They were filming in Chennai while I was filming for Simbu sir Maanadu . It was supposed to start in April, but now I think it depends on other factors.

What are your plans once the blockade is lifted?

It depends on a few things like what kind of restrictions are still there even though the lockdown is lifted. I'm waiting to start shoot of Hridayam and resume the shoot of Maanadu. I miss both my crews. I am waiting to go to the theaters again. So many biggies need to release. Also, all my friends who have birthdays in April and March end have decided we will celebrate with one party together. I have also been waiting to fly somewhere. I love travel and I wanted to go to Europe this summer but I guess now I have no idea when this will happen.