Ritu Beri: teaching my daughter the games she used to play

Ritu Beri says this is the longest time she's stayed at home in years, and she's using this period to spend quality time with her 12-year-old daughter: nThis blockage means a blockage of a lot of nonsense for all of us. We were all running non-stop on a treadmill, unaware around us, of what we have been blessed with. While we are under this confinement, we realize how beautiful the sky looks, how green our gardens are. This is the longest time I have stayed at home in years and I am using this time to do all the things I have been missing.

Since the day of the janta curfew (March 22), I have been working from home. I had never thought that there would be a time when I would not leave my house for so many days and I would not meet my parents for so long, I would not touch them or hug them. But the best part of this blocking period is that I have time to spend with my daughter. I also found out that I am a lot of fun!

I made small changes to my work routine to do things I love. That includes an hour of play every afternoon with my 12-year-old daughter, Jiya, in our garden. We play kho kho, seven stones and all those games that my daughter is not used to, but I want her to know that these are the games that I played when she was her age. This hour I spend with her takes away the stress and I recommend that all parents take time to play with their children. It makes you happy like nothing else can.

I have never been someone who watches movies or TV shows, even when I have time. Now that I have some extra time to spend with my daughter, I am watching movies like 'Gandhi' and 'Lagaan' with her. These are the movies that she would not know, but would like her to see. Personally, I also want to see my favorite movies again, 'Ben Hur', 'The Godfather', 'Notting Hill' and 'Staying Alive'.

Cooking is not my thing. But I created a decadent dark chocolate cake with healthy ingredients ... a blameless indulgence! NI have also been watching a lot of international news and it is heartbreaking to see how the entire world is suffering due to the coronavirus outbreak. The most disturbing news I saw was about COVID-19 patients who don't have loved ones and are struggling with their situation alone. It breaks my heart to see the condition of my favorite city, Paris, in photos and videos that are emerging online after the pandemic outbreak. At a time like this, we should all contribute, in whatever way we can, to helping those in need around us. Feed the hungry and provide the essential to those who do not get it, this is what I have been doing.

- As told to Divya Kaushik