Darling Krishna and Milana Nagaraj's famous childhood photos go viral!

After the success of ‘ Love mocktail ', Actor Darling Krishna and actress Milana Nagaraj gained huge popularity. Now, news about the two being real-life lovers has created more curiosity in the audience. Recently, Darling Krishna shared a collage of his and Milana’s photos as kids and asked the audience to guess who the two kids were.

In the collage, young Krishna and Milana Nagaraj are seen posing in the same way. Proudly pointing out how they even posed the same way as kids, Darling Krishna almost proclaimed his love for Milana. Now, the photo has gone viral on social media and is loved by fans.

As per reports, Milana and Krishna's relationship has been accepted by both families and the couple is set to marry in the next few days. Currently, the couple is enjoying the success of ' Love mocktail ' and is already planning to make ' Love mocktail 2'. Krishna has already started writing the script reportedly.

' Love mocktail ' is a complete love story directed by Darling Krishna and produced by Milana Nagaraj . The movie is based on the 90s and 2000s generation of students and their love stories. Music director Raghu Dixit has composed the songs for the film. Recently, a fan who had seen the film had transferred 200 rupees to Krishna's account because he could not see it in a theater. Similarly, many actors from other film industries have also praised the film.