After donating to FEFSI members, Yogi Babu helps small screen technicians

Coronavirus is making a huge impact worldwide along with India. During this time, movie professionals as well as public officials, vegetable merchants, entrepreneurs, and many others face many problems due to the blockade. All the works related to the cinema and the television have stopped completely and it has affected the day to day. salary workers in the worst way. And although celebrities have done their best to help these people, the demand is still high. According to the latest reports, after donating to FEFSI members actor Yogi Babu has extended its support to the small screen technicians .

While many have been helping the needy with money, popular comedian Yogi Babu has been distributing bags of rice. The actor continues to lend a helping hand during the Coronavirus crisis. Earlier, the actor donated to FEFSI members on March 31 and the Junior Artistes Association on April 9 by offering 1250 kgs of rice each. Now again today, the actor has donated 1000 kgs rice to the Federation of Small Screen Technicians.

Meanwhile, due to the Coronavirus lockdown, Yogi Babu 's' Cocktail' which was supposed to be released on March 20 as well as his wedding reception which was planned on April 5 have been postponed.