Aamir Khan's son Junaid trapped in Panchgani bungalow since closing?

Coronavirus It has brought the nation under closure, which was recently extended to May 3. Most Bollywood celebrities are at home in isolation. However, according to a news portal, Aamir Khan The family is at his Pali Hill residence, however his son Junaid He's been in his Panchgani bungalow since the closure was announced. With no way to travel to the city in the middle of the closure, the star boy stays in the family bungalow.

P.M Narendra Modi He extended the blockade today, in his speech, to the nation's speech. Several Bollywood celebrities reacted to the decision, Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Spider wrote: I am glad Modi extended the blockade, I also liked the decision on the states where it will increase, they will remain closed while others who become Crown free can start to operate, well jo karega woh Bharega, but the speech was too short , I wish Modi ji would motivate us a little more. Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri had a pretty funny version of the extension, posted: Friends, you can accomplish all of this before May 3: - lose weight/stay fit - learn about food - learn a new skill - throw away what you don't need/live light - Discover new ideas and get ready for #NewWorld - discover your #CreativeConsciousness - succeed # Lockdown2.

From extending financial aid to supporting daily salaried workers, Bollywood celebrities are doing their best amid this health scare.