Sudhir Mishra: I hope this nonsense of the communalizing virus stops

Filmmaker Sudhir Mishra says it's time for people to keep their politics aside while dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and stop "communalising" the situation. The 'Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi' director said the pandemic can be fought only if people stand united.

I hope this nonsense of communicating the virus stops. I hope we realize that we are all one. We have to keep our policies and our different opinions on the country's political structure separate when things like this happen, the filmmaker told reporters.

Mishra said the pandemic stands to completely change all aspects of entertainment, from film shootings to theatrical viewing.

I see many changes. Most difficulties will be faced by those who shoot. I don't know how 250 people will shoot until there is a vaccine in place ... Will they test everyone and then go outdoors to shoot? ?

Post this, we will start living differently, being cautious will become a habit. When people start venturing into movie theaters, maybe OTT will become more important, maybe the great movies will be released directly online, we'll know in the next year and a half, he said.

Mishra said that these are extremely difficult times for daily salaried workers and that one should help them in any way possible.

We have to start looking at ourselves completely again. Like Dharavi. I think a lot needs to be done for those people. It is the virus of a rich man who has been transferred to the poor and they are the ones who will suffer the most. They did not go to China or vacation to Spain.

Many channels broadcast their web content on television during the blockade, making it impossible to film daily episodes.