Ali Wentworth out of coronavirus isolation, husband George Stephanopoulos tests positive

As soon as an American actor Ali Wentworth revealed that she has emerged from it coronavirus self-isolation, her husband and television presenter George Stephanopoulos He said he had tested positive for the virus.

The 55-year-old actress shared an Instagram video of herself walking down the stairs at home while her family applauded and played Destiny's Child's 'Survivor'.

Wentworth wrote in the caption: I came out of 16 days of isolation. I am grateful for my health. It was a brutal and terrifying moment. But I am one of the lucky ones. And as I continue to recover I was amazed at what has become of the dehumanization of this plague. People are dying. People are suffering. People are hungry. People are scared.

She encouraged fans to hold each other's hands and move together together.

She continued: We can isolate ourselves to help others, particularly the amazing healthcare workers and all the brave and selfless people on the front line, but that doesn't mean we should isolate our hearts. (I know my daughters are screaming that this is so cruel) Thankful to go back to everything except clothes and dishes ...

Nevertheless, Wentworth wasn He is not the only one at home to contract the virus, as Stephanopoulos, 59, revealed he had also tested positive.

According to the news, Stephanopoulos revealed his diagnosis of 'Well America tomorrow 'on Monday (local time), revealing that he did not experience any symptoms.

He said: I have never had a fever, I never had chills, I never had a headache, I never had a cough, I never had difficulty breathing. I feel great.

The newscaster explained that at first, he experienced back pain one night and a decreased sense of smell several days later, but he wasn't sure whether to attribute that to the new virus.

Previously, Stephanopoulos discussed caring for his wife on 'Good America tomorrow ,' and he also explained that he was careful to wear gloves and wipe down anything he touched after caring for Wentworth.

Stephanopoulos said at the time: She generally takes care of us 24 hours a day and now we are doing everything we can to take care of her.