Naseeruddin Shah remembers the day his attitude towards prayer changed

Iconic actor Naseeruddin Shah He remembers an incident from his early days in the city when he was a wrestler, and how a moment of fulfillment at that time changed his attitude toward prayer forever.

I can remember that day even now. He was very vulnerable back then. I had no job, I had no friends in the city, I had no money to buy my bread and I felt that all the doors were closed. I thought I would pray. While doing Wudu, I began to think, what is prayer about? Is it 'saudebaazi' (negotiation), where I say, 'God, please give me this and I will become that and offer you that'? Not! That shouldn't be the reason we pray! That day and since then, I never prayed to ask the Almighty for anything. My attitude towards prayer changed forever, the veteran actor told the media agency.

I only pray to express gratitude. When I broke down, I realized that the only solution was to get a job and whoever offered me would seem like a god. I have to stay strong until then. I think pleading with God for things while praying is despicable, he added.

What made you sign a short film directed by a greenhorn filmmaker? I highly support these short films made by young filmmakers. They have a voice that they express through narration and I think that if the idea is good, it deserves support, he explained.