Archita loves to play with his nephew during the running of the bulls

Actress Archita Sahu, who loves to keep fit and cheerful, has been spending it emergency shutdown time to work ou t hard and playing with his nephew. the Abhiman actress had recently shared a video on social media about her emergency shutdown activities.

 Archita  plays with nephew

Me encanta jugar con mi sobrino de 4 año s. A the dos nos gusta ayudarnos mutuamente. Estoy resolviendo puzzle with him and playing with his toy blocks . We make different houses and structures with these blocks . It’s amazing to play with kids when you are locked down inside a house,” said the actres s.

Furthermore, she has also started to invest her time in a new hobby and is very excited to share it with the world. I have developed a new learning hobby. piano and helps me in kicking my stress . I’m sure I'll have a good knowledge and experience of playing piano by the time emergency shutdown is lifted,” she added. She loves too working . Since she can't go to Gym para hacer ejercicio, utiliza todos the espacios y oportunidades disponibles para exercise routine. She uses the ladder, the floor, and the bed to do different types of exercise. s.