The Center establishes 20 control rooms to address problems related to wages, the difficult situation of migrant workers in the middle of the closure

NEW DELHI: On Tuesday, the Labor Ministry said it established 20 controls across India to address wage-related complaints and mitigate the problems migrants face in the middle of the shutdown period to contain the Covid-19 crisis.

The Prime Minister has announced the extension of the national blockade until May 3 with a conditional relaxation from April 20 in some areas based on the assessment of the situation.

Workers, especially migrant workers, are the worst due to the shutdown, as large numbers of them faced wage cuts or job loss.

According to an evaluation by the International Labor Organization, 40 million informal sector workers in India could be plunged into poverty due to this blockade.

The Ministry of Labor and Employment has established 20 control rooms under the Commissioner's Office (CLC) (C) across India due to problems arising in the context of Covid-19, it said in a statement.

These control rooms have been established to address complaints related to the wages of workers employed in the Central Sphere, the ministry said, adding that it would also work to mitigate the problems of migrant workers through coordination with various state governments. .

Workers can access these call centers through phone numbers and emails.

Control rooms are being administered by workforce officers, auxiliary labor commissioners, regional labor commissioners, and deputy chief labor commissioners from the respective regions.

The operation of the 20 call centers is being monitored and supervised by the Head Quarter Chief Labor Commissioner (C) on a daily basis, the ministry said.

All concerned officials/officers have been advised to take a humane approach to assist injured workers to the maximum extent possible and ensure the timely delivery of aid to those in need, he added.

Previously, the Ministry of Labor had also issued a notice to employers to desist from any downsizing or pay cuts during the shutdown period. >