USCIRF Says 'Concerned' About Denial Of Food To Pakistani Hindus And Christians

WASHINGTON: On Monday on Religious Freedom International (USCIRF) said you were concerned about reports of denial of food aid to the minority and Christians in Pakistan amid the outbreak in the country.

These actions are simply reprehensible. As COVID-19 continues to spread, vulnerable communities in Pakistan fight hunger and keep their families safe and healthy. Food aid should not be denied because of one's faith, said the USCIRF Commissioner.

The Commissioner urged the Pakistani government to ensure that food aid from distribution organizations is shared equally with Hindu, Christian and other religious minorities.

The Hindu community makes up a tiny portion of Pakistan's population and is subject to rampant discrimination and is often denied basic human rights.

The USCIRF noted that in Karachi, for example, there have been reports that Saylani Welfare International Trust, a non-governmental organization established to help homeless and seasonal workers, has rejected food assistance to Hindus and Christians, arguing that the aid is reserved for Muslims only.

USCIRF Commissioner Johnnie Moore said: In a recent speech by Prime Minister Khan ( Imran Khan ) to the international community, stressed that the challenge facing governments in the developing world is to save people from starvation and at the same time try to stop the spread of COVID-19.

This is a monumental task before many countries. Prime Minister Khan's government has the opportunity to lead the way, but they must not leave religious minorities behind. Otherwise, they can add one more crisis, created by religious discrimination and inter-communal struggle.

In its 2019 Annual Report, the USCIRF had noted that Hindus and Christians in Pakistan face continuous threats to their security and are subject to various forms of harassment and social exclusion.