Madhya Pradesh: Policeman who did not wash his hands told him to stay

BHOPAL: The district police superintendent asked a police officer in Damoh to remain on the police lines for a week after his wife filed a complaint that she was not maintaining hygiene at home after returning from duty. She alleged that the family was at risk of infection due to the negligence of the police.

Every day, after long hours of work, when my husband returns home, he reluctantly washed his hands and mixed the dirty uniform with the rest of the clothes of the family members with the risk of infection by coronavirus, he said to a senior police officer.

The officer is at the Batiyagarh police station, and the district police refused to identify him.

SP Damoh Hemant Chouhan told TOI on Monday: The agent's wife approached a CSP and complained about her husband. He said that when he found out about the valid concern raised by the sheriff's wife, I asked officials not to let him go home for a week and make sure he followed the cleanup guidelines.

He said that the front-line personnel of the police force were instructed to change their uniform and bathe in a designated place in each area of ​​the police station. The SP said that the police were in charge of supplying essential items for the policeman's family.