Madhya Pradesh: man defeats coronavirus but stigma forces him to sell house

BHOPAL: A 30-year-old man, who successfully battled coronavirus and was recently released from the hospital, put his house up for sale in the Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh after his family's continued social boycott.

The man had returned from Dubai on March 18 and tested positive for Covid on March 24. He was released from the hospital after recovery on April 4.

I recovered from this virus of my own free will and the support of doctors and nurses, but I lost it on the social front, he told the media on Monday.

My neighbors had been bothering me since I was discharged from the hospital with all kinds of rumors and ridicule. Vegetable vendors and the milkman were unable to visit our home, he said, adding that life has become extremely difficult and that he was unable to bear the pain of a social boycott.

He also said that his family was being treated as untouchable and when they leave the house, people close the doors when they see them as if they had committed some heinous crime.

We no longer want to live in this colony. Some people came to our house at midnight and abused asking us to leave the house and the colony, her father said.

He said he had no choice but to sell this house. We buy this house and dream a lot about it, but we are forced to sell it with great regret.

Sources said the neighbors' attitudes changed when the man's father, mother and sister, who were quarantined, returned home after their reports were negative for the virus.

When contacted, Shivpuri police said they were not aware of the problem. No one has complained to us. It may be the result of an old dispute between neighbors, district police officials said.

Later, when the matter went viral on social media, SDM AS Gurjar met an injured family and assured them of all possible help.